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Perspectives Through A Social Lens

Over the past five years, after Anita and I moved from Grand Prairie, Texas to Forest Hill, Texas we discovered a tremendous need to assist the community. In this journey, we have discovered that although this is now 2023, many obstacles still impede the physical, social, and mental health well-being of hundreds of people.


In this millennial walk, we find broken spirits from homelessness, mental illness, and governmental injustices. This agency supports people in their local areas through citizen empowerment, community endeavors, and political bridge-building!


One of Bright Morning Star Community Consulting's objectives or “Pillars” deals with our ability to encourage as many people during our time here on earth. And we believe that it all begins with fostering community.


We are that pair of "new eyes" and our aim is to assist those who have the desire to begin the path of renewing their mind; thus allowing them to support their neighbors and then their own community through various social endeavors.


Rev. Willie A. Glaster, Jr., MAPM

Pastor & Founder

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