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20 year Air Force Veteran

My name is Willie Glaster and I am a 20yr Air Force Veteran.  And as your consultant, I will be a fresh pair of eyes and your troubleshooter.  I am your neighborhood volunteer support for increased awareness of our community needs and training for citizens in the growth and development of our city.  I offer an eclectic knowledge base in community-driven projects and political reasoning where it relates to citizenry and health.  I believe in citizen empowerment and work from the best practices of organizational structure.  I am a troubleshooter with critical thinking skills that will aide in a planned change for all.  I have participated in many public endeavors when living in San Antonio and now in Forest Hill.  My goal is to uplift, encourage, and offer consulting support to the needs of the citizens and their community. 

According to a 2020 University of Texas at Arlington

Veterans' Business Assessment


Societals tend to be well-educated and actively seek out information. They are reflective, creative, purpose-driven and relentless in pursuing and sharing ideals. They are change leaders and are receptive to new ideas and technologies. Societals are among the established and emerging leaders in business, yet they continue to seek challenges. They are mature, satisfied, and reflective people who value simplicity, knowledge, justice, and responsibility. It is not unusual to see a Societal acting as an advocate for those they believe need protection, counsel, or direction. You are honorable, dependable, and consistent in word and deed; your reputation and credibility is meticulously safeguarded. Like many Societals, you are a knowledgeable and dedicated advisor and mentor who enjoys being involved in policy, procedures, and politics. Highly principled, purpose-driven, a history of achievement, and an insatiable desire to make a difference describe you. Values are given greater attention due to current situations or recent life changes. 


People in this group are analytical, persistent, systematic, and excellent problem solvers. Thinkers tend to be detail-oriented, which makes them more concerned with content than style. They are task-oriented individuals who enjoy perfecting processes and working toward tangible results. They are almost always in control of their emotions.  They are conscientious and deliberate when making decisions. Some may see them are serious and complex.

Your intelligence and ability to see different points of view endow you with a quick and unique sense of humor. Your strengths include an eye for detail and accuracy, independence, dependability, persistence, follow-through, and organization.


Director - Promoter - Connector - Thinker


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(210) 544-0712

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