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How to File a Complaint

There are checks and balances everywhere, for everyone.  On issues of compliance and enforcement, complaints can be filed about; unethical policies, compliance, OSHA concerns, or criminal practices.  Your local government has to answer for any manner of erroneous behavior.   From city hall to your local police and fire departments; you can submit complaints when you become aware of poor integrity, ethics, or the criminal behavior of any local leader.  Compliance refers to the act of adhering to the rules, regulations, and laws that have been set forth by a governing body.   Enforcement, on the other hand, refers to the act of ensuring that these rules, regulations, and laws are being followed.


THE PUBLIC INTEGRITY SECTION of your local DISTRICT OR COUNTY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE - Must be filed through the Texas Rangers Public Integrity Unit.  

  • Email general questions to:   Ranger-Questions

  • Fill out the complaint form at Ranger-Complaint

  • Call the main number: (817) 533-1972

  • Contact the Public Integrity Section of your local district or county attorney’s office, local law enforcement, or the Texas Rangers Public Integrity Unit at

TEXAS CENTER FOR LEGAL ETHICS  > resources  > opinions

ENFORCEMENT & COMPLIANCE - TEXAS ETHICS COMMISSION - The Texas Ethics Commission is a state agency that oversees and enforces campaign finance laws and ethics rules in Texas.


How to File a Complaint Against City Government

  • Make Sure The Timing is Right TREC cannot investigate an incident that occurred four or more years ago.

  • Complaints Must Be in Writing To initiate the complaint process, you must submit a written complaint and you cannot file one by phone. ...

  • Sign Your Complaint Anyone filing a complaint must provide a name and contact information. ...

  • Provide Supporting Documents ...

  • Submit Your Complaint Form and Documents 



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