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Our Published Works

Willie and Anita Glasters became avid writers during their coursework in college.  Starting with their bachelor's degrees, 20-page papers were a requirement.  Also, a requirement, was that their writings had to expose their personalities, fears, and anxieties.  But this only prepared them for the many works that you see here!

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Kent painfully stares at the image in front of him. He is besieged by Mother Time and is confused. How did life get to this point? Unanswered questions, twists and turns, trying to make sense of it. What happened? Is there more?


This book of poetry helps you understand our individual personal and spiritual journeys.  The Sound of Black Voices is about the human experience of just a few decades and an introduction to the hearts of two Black people from different angles of existence who have grown, made mistakes, laughed and enjoyed life.

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Shepherding in the
African American Community

There came a time in my journey that I could not ignore who I was or where I came from.  When I looked into the eyes of a sixty-five-year-old Black deacon who attended my worship service, I wanted to ask -- "does my preaching make any connection with you?" Evangelism in the twenty-first century and beyond is a call and challenge for the African American in our post-modern world, and specifically for the Black church in South Texas. Modernity beckons the African American to break ties with its history, a history that is intricately tied to liberation of the past and present. As we look toward our future, the Kingdom of God will have to be retold in a way that awakens the souls of an exiled people.


This is a small collection of thoughts through the eyes of a 22-year-old mother. Newly on her own, with her 3-year-old son, she finds that writing out her emotions and life challenges helps with understanding herself, the culture in which she was raised, and the direction she wants to take; that she hopes will allow her spirit to soar.

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Here are our upcoming titles in The Family Affair Series, by Anita Glaster, filled with cautionary tales of personal responsibility and morality.

Our down-sittings create voids that will or can be filled with negative nuances of the ‘me’ that we believe we are.  Many times, these will include fear, anxiety, anger, bitterness, and even maliciousness.   As a work of fiction, these are cautionary tales, of the sort, and they declare that ‘people are people, nothing more; God is God, nothing less!  We can only become more than ourselves when we allow God to lead and guide our lives. 

ISBN:  979-8-89412-705-7

Sometimes life is so poetic in the ways that individual life stories unfold.  Consequently, each person’s ethology speaks loudly; and that is, that secrets cannot hide the true deceitfulness of the heart [1].  Pathology has to be processed out of our lives.  Hence, sometimes we must deny our heritage or pedigree for that matter, due to its insufficient means of helping us to achieve the total or better self that we are meant be.

ISBN:  979-8-89412-706-4

In Mommy’s Shadow finds Blair in the process of finally cleaning out her closet.  It begins with her as an older woman who looks back, in retrospect, on her familial pathology, recalling the memories of her internal struggles.  In her minds-eye she envisions the many women that she could have become.  As this story unfolds, these missteps now seem to be exhibiting themselves in the lives of her children.

ISBN:  979-8-89412-708-8

And so, I present a personal theory; that it is imperative that those responsible for the growth and development of children, be diligent in practicing their 'own' self-evaluation and evolution.    They must find their 'own' mental acuity.  Nevertheless, we cannot give what we do not possess ourselves.

ISBN:  979-8-89412-709-5

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